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The thought behind Vikingenes started 4 years prior, when my accomplice and I, which is additionally my sister, went on a family excursion to Scandinavia to see the region of our progenitors and breath similar air they did. We generally had an exceptionally overwhelming inclination that we have blood association with the Norse and to Vikings culture and subsequent to making a DNA tests, we discovered that we were correct!

At long last, we could say it with satisfaction “We are one of them“. We were really energized and couldn’t hold on to tell the entirety of our loved ones. The reactions were extremely great however at that point individuals began posing us a ton of inquiries about the Norse Mythology that we weren’t certain regarding the responses! Then, at that point, the tomfoolery began, we got away to Norway, Sweden, and Iceland and began examining. It was more than interesting, we got our work done and concentrated on a great deal regarding our astonishing society. Then, at that point, we began buying a ton of items with Norse Mythology images, similar to arms rings and accessories to wear and give our religion pride, and we discovered that almost 100% of the multitude of things are not hand-tailored and for the most part from nations that have no connection to the Vikings culture by any means, similar to India, likewise the quality and material were extremely low and it caused us to understand that we want to tackle this issue and give our siblings and sisters a legitimate answer for that by putting forth our best attempt observing specialists that have an association with the strong Norse religion and like it and lay out a source to the remainder of the world that will convey top caliber, valid and remarkable Vikings adornments at reasonable costs!

Right away, it was extremely hard and once in a while inordinately difficult, yet we figured out how to fabricate our wonderful image and local area without any preparation. The inputs and backing were despite everything are above and beyond, we are getting huge loads of messages and messages from our fulfilled clients that are giving us the solidarity to proceed and consistently work on ourselves and our image to foster an ever increasing number of things in various and general classes.

Presently, you likely comprehend the reason why we chose to refer to our image as “Vikingenes”, joining the two words: Viking and Genes. The rest is history

Welcome to our modest store, partake in the experience we are attempting to give you while you are riding it and interestingly, you will be blissful and fulfilled, that is the explanation we have a thoroughly prepared and proficient Customer Service group, here all of the time to help with any sort of inquiries or issues you could have:)

Vikingens Team